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At Carrinho we are committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. It is not just in our recruitment and selection processes and procedures, but goes further in the areas of development, evaluation and promotion opportunities. We work hard to cultivate an environment free from discrimination, harassment and inequality. We respect and value each person in their diversity and dignity, through fair working relationships and a healthy environment, mutual trust, cooperation and solidarity. At Carrinho we want everyone to reach their maximum potential, regardless of: gender, sexual orientation or marital status; your color or nationality; of religion or political belief; disability; of age.

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Human Development

People are at the center of Group Carinho, they are the competitive advantage. Our work focuses on attracting and developing a diverse workforce. We strive daily to make the Group an inclusive place to work, where all members feel they belong to more than one organization, to a cause with a purpose. We want them to be able to contribute significantly to achieving everyone's goals and to the growth of our organization. As consultants, recruiters, business partners and good listeners, we help our associates to grow and we want everyone to feel integrated into our culture, our ethical standards, our values, our mission and our goals. We want to provide everyone with a career rich in perspectives, challenges, training and personal development, enabling internal mobility and a multicultural environment where we can live each working day as if it were the first, every day.

Technology & Information Systems

At the forefront of digital transformation. Carrinho seeks to be a faster, simpler, and more guided in relation to the internal and external customer. We want to be prepared for the future and connected with the world. To become more and more agile as our business, we need to be digitally active. Thus, we are accelerating our digital transformation from the beginning to the end of our work processes, from production and innovation, to marketing and sales - to make Cart more competitive in an increasingly digital world. We thus support an approach more centered on the client and our people, through increasingly avant-garde and disruptive systems, which facilitate processes. We want to make everyone's work easier, so that they dedicate their energy and focus on activities that drive our growth. Our team seeks to keep our associates connected and working safely and efficiently.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing team at Carrinho assumes an entrepreneurial role in sustainable marketing and is increasingly focused on boosting performance through purposeful brands, brands that provide positive change for people and society. The passion for building and developing impactful brands is in the hearts and minds of our team. We fuel this passion for curiosity and an unsettling thirst for discovering ideas about what consumers want. We are strategists, creative thinkers and planners who seek to enrich and enchant our country and our world through food and important brands. We want to reach more people, in more places and more often, keeping in mind the "truth" of our product. Our different brands, products and stores have a strong objective - we mainly want our products to contribute to a more sustainable world and allow the satisfaction and well-being of our customers. We want our team focused on building impactful brands.

Finance & Auditing

In our genesis, we believe that sustainable business growth is only possible when we bring together the best talents focused on objectives, and that is where our Financial and Audit Department is located. From accounting, treasury to financial development, the team has a set of specialists who work to achieve our ambitions and build a better business and a better world. Our professionals invest their time, evaluate and audit to ensure that we make the smartest and most sustainable decisions for the common good of our organization.

Quality & Safety

Our teams develop innovations that change our sector of activity, from the industry and logistics area to catering and retail, in order to guarantee the quality of our processes and products, in order to streamline what we do and ensure satisfaction of our customers. For us, the sustainability of our business portfolio.


We deal with the most diverse processes and we have to guarantee the conformity of our performance in legal, legal and institutional terms. We seek to establish partnerships, ensuring compliance with internal and external standards, promoting the applicability of our decisions. We help our teams to understand their scope of action, providing information, advice and advice that make our company's decisions and actions more impactful, integral and responsible. Our professionals take responsibility for their associates and for the impact their actions have on society.


This is where it all started. Being one of the core areas of activity of Carrinho, in our Catering teams the focus is to provide specialized services according to the profile and specificities of our customers and consumers. It is the consumer who moves us towards development and innovation in the food we offer, and through our people we establish the highest ethical and professional standards that allow us to provide a quality service, providing quality food and obtaining the best results at the level economic and social. Our ambition traces a path that makes us want to be a leading supplier at national level in the provision of food services, known mainly for our people, our services and our products.

Retail - Bem Barato

At Carrinho we aim to lead the businesses in which we operate, maintaining a permanent and unwavering focus on the needs of our consumers. Our Bem Barato stores are guided by performance through principles and values that are in the DNA of our company and that impress the way we work, seeking to inspire those around us and build a legacy of excellence for the future. We invest in the development of the skills and competences of our teams, from the areas of commercial development to our store operators. We want everyone to contribute to an attractive work environment where we can focus on excellent service, innovation and the satisfaction of our consumers. We seek to optimize the use of resources and maximize their return. We focus our action on efficiency, healthy competition and the realization of new projects.

Food Industry Production

Operating mainly in the Angolan market, Carrinho Indústria is dedicated to the production of food products, constituting one of our company's core businesses. Our portfolio covers major food brands in Angola - Manty, Tio Lucas, Kitandeira and D'Angola. A combination of a winning product portfolio, our customer's perception and investment in our people, help us to offer year-over-year growth, allowing the creation of an innovative business area at the forefront of technology. Our industrial centers allow the production of flour, feed, cookies and pasta. We want to ensure quality production of our products, with the best suppliers, the best raw materials and the passion of our associates. We are very proud of our products, we want them to reach our consumer safely, efficiently, responsibly and on time.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics is an essential catalyst at the heart of our organization. The team plays a vital role in delivering our products to our industries and stores, so that our customers and consumers can be satisfied. From the supply of raw materials to manufacture to the delivery of the product, Logística includes a team of several associates, working with different internal and external stakeholders, committed to conducting an operation that transports tons of products and makes millions of kilometers per year.

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